Guiding Principles

The guiding principles are implementation ideals that drive how elements of the project will be designed, implemented, and operated. They are guard rails, to help ensure every decision, process, and task has a means of attaining operational excellence in the new financial system.

  • Decisions support what is best for the institution as a whole
  • Commitment to optimal use of system features and functionality
  • Ensure selection of sustainable technology
  • Maximize configuration options
  • Minimize legacy data conversion to new system
  • Adopt and streamline as much out of the box functionality as possible in new financial system, minimize cloning of current processes
  • Full and successful integration with defined enterprise systems
  • Increase usage of core system functionality in lieu of external systems
  • Leverage system to stress discipline and accountability in sound financial management of University resources
  • Maximize system internal controls capabilities
  • Look for ways to reduce complexity and drive efficiency with emphasis on business process reengineering
  • Design financial processes and reporting to take maximum advantage of new University chart of accounts
  • Develop/modify/extend local financial policies as required to match new core business processes
  • Lead with University internal resources and external guidance and support from an implementation partner
  • Partner¬†to leverage opportunities for organizational alignments
  • Commitment to making information about the project available to the University Community via the project website and periodic stakeholder updates