With the implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud, you will be able to perform real-time financial data reporting within the software without waiting until the next day. UAccess Analytics will still be available for integrated reporting needs that require data from multiple subject areas. Some reports and dashboards will no longer be needed or will be replaced by system functionality. Other reports will change dramatically based on future business processes. Discussions are ongoing on how reporting will be governed and maintained, but as information is available it will be shared with our campus to help plan for the future.

Some things you can look forward to are:

  • The ability to run reports without waiting for data to sync overnight
  • An updated Chart of Accounts structure provides a consistent means for financial reporting
  • Additional in-system reporting capabilities help reduce or eliminate the use of outside systems to create and manage reports

Definitions of reports to be built in the Oracle ERP Cloud Reporting tools will continue into the Build Phase. The graphic below illustrates some of the types of reports you can expect to see.

How was impact discovered?

From August 2022 through November 2022, the Data Warehouse and Analytics team focused on determining impact. They conducted 50 meetings focusing on discovery and specific topics, and did an in-depth review of 32 subject areas and 6,000+ reports, rationalizing the reduction of the report population to 770. They also took a close look at special topics, such as the impact to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Labor Encumbrance and Distribution and Oracle ERP Cloud data flows, among other topics.

Regular Communication

  • 15 Wednesday Workstream Meetings to Address Different Topics
  • 35 DW & Analytics Discovery Meetings

Data Warehouse & Analytics Review

  • 32 Subject Areas
  • 94 Dimensions
  • 49 Facts
  • Rationalized 6000+ report population down to 770
  • Reviewed 770 UAIR Managed Analyses and Dashboards in Detail

Special Topic Discussions

  • EPM Impacts
  • Labor Encumbrance and Distribution
  • Glue & ETL Practices
  • BICC File Extract
  • Oracle ERP Data Flows and Reporting Tools
  • Embedding Reports in ERP

How are users being involved?

While the Financials Modernization team will be focused on redesigning and retrofitting the UAIR managed reports and dashboards with input from the Reporting Representatives, the UAIR team is here to help. Over the course of the next 18 months, we will be working with the Financials Modernization Organizational Change Management (OCM) Team to ensure we communicate changes in an effective and timely manner. If you are interested in helping redesign and rebuild, contact or


We have done seven roadshows, including a Data Exploration Series dedicated to discussing the future of reporting.


Office hours will be held on July 11, 2023 and July 13, 2023. Register today!


We encourage you to communicate with your campus liaison for questions about reporting for your area.


Additional users will be testing dashboards and reports in System Integration Testing (SIT1 & 2) and Business Partner Training (BPT).

Reporting Development Prioritization

As Oracle ERP Cloud introduces more reporting capabilities and new data structures to the existing UAIR data warehouse, we are taking the opportunity to work through rationalization of the current state reports and dashboards. Some of those will no longer be needed or will be replaced by system functionality. Others will change dramatically based on future business processes. As part of that rationalization and optimizing our build timeline, we will be working to prioritize the reports and dashboards we are building according to criteria listed below:

Ready for Go-live

Day 1-90

  • Business Critical to support a process
  • Used to provide campus with data and is the only source of that data
  • Internal Control/Audit Report
  • Regulatory Report

Ready After Go-live

Day 91-180

  • Needed to support a business process that may occur at the end/mid-year
  • Process Independent Reports but provides value to the University Business Offices
  • Provides campus with insights but not their only source of data

Ready 6 months+ After Go-live

Nice-to-Have Enhancements

  • ‘You know it would be great to have x’ reports
  • Reports dependent on future functionality